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"Accompanying" package offered 🙂

Let your friend, spouse or even your crush accompany you, hotel and transfer fees are offered to him/her

A question?

Below are the most common questions asked by our patients 🙂

Your counselor is French speaking. So are our coordinators on site 🙂

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment in installments. You can approach a banking institution to finance your medical project in Turkey.

In our offers, everything is included except for flights. Our consultants will help you find the best price for your return flight.

A carry-on suitcase is more than enough. Bring underwear, a toiletry kit, 2 pairs of pants and 2-3 tops. If you plan to stay longer to visit, then pack more

We ask for a deposit of 300 euros to reserve the operation date with the surgeon. The amount of the package is to be paid upon arrival at the hotel or clinic either in cash or by bank check. A transfer is possible if it arrives before your operation.

TMT is committed to following up with its patients over a 12-month period to measure the evolution of the healing process and your satisfaction. In addition, you can contact your surgeon at any time.

It all depends on the operation, if it concerns a cosmetic surgery, we advise you to visit the city beforehand, if it concerns dental or hair care, it can be done before, after or even between the sessions 🙂

Yes, we have a special offer including the accommodation of your accompaniment at no extra cost. However, the cost of food and travel will be charged to him (except for the transfer from and to the airport).