How does TMT, your medical tourism agency, work?

TMT or TURKEY MEDICAL TOURISM by JAZICOWORLD is a French-Turkish medical tourism agency.Based in Istanbul and Strasbourg, we also have offices in Tunis and Marrakech. We are specialized for more than 10 years in accompanying people wishing to resort to medical treatment abroad, and this with success. Throughout the process, you will have to do […]

Is the ALLURION balloon in Istanbul possible?

At TMT, we have progressively withdrawn the balloon from our anti-obesity solutions offered in Istanbul over the last few years, as the results were mixed. Indeed, placing a gastric balloon abroad is certainly less expensive than doing it in France, but the frequency of appointments with the gastroenterologist to tighten the balloon strap around the […]

Why is Istanbul the health destination for Africans?

Istanbul has undeniable advantages that Africans (especially from ECOWAS countries) have understood. As far as their health is concerned, they prefer Istanbul for the quality of its clinics and hospitals (medical equipment, specialization of doctors and surgeons, remote monitoring, etc.). Thus, Turkey has made them a golden bridge and has multiplied the agreements with these […]

5 things to know about medical tourism in Turkey

1 – A regulated sector, a guarantee of quality Indeed, medical tourism is a very specific sector and given its main component, health, the Turkish government has decided to impose standards.First of all, it is necessary to be a specialist in tourism in general, therefore to have a travel agency established in Turkey with a […]