Turkey Medical Tourism

5 things to know about medical tourism in Turkey

1 – A regulated sector, a guarantee of quality

Indeed, medical tourism is a very specific sector and given its main component, health, the Turkish government has decided to impose standards.
First of all, it is necessary to be a specialist in tourism in general, therefore to have a travel agency established in Turkey with a TURSAB number (association of Turkish travel agencies).

Travel agencies are used to assisting international visitors in the organization of their stay in Istanbul (from ticket booking to hotel reservation, sightseeing with local guide, gastronomic tours and other popular tours).

The medical tourism agency team must speak at least 3 international languages, have offices and employ staff who have worked in the medical sector.

This allows medical project owners wishing to use a medical tourism agency in Turkey to be sure that they are dealing with real professionals.

Thus, many agencies had to close their doors.

TMT was one of the first agencies to comply with these obligations, with its 12 years of experience in tourism.


2 – JCI accredited clinics

All our partner clinics have received JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation, which ensures international standards of quality diagnosis and treatment. 

3 – A real follow-up

Performing cosmetic, bariatric, hair or dental surgery does not stop when you return home.
It is important for clinics, surgeons and support agencies to keep in touch with the patient and to follow him/her during the healing phase.
This is what makes the difference between good agencies and others.

At TMT, you will benefit from a 12-month quality follow-up after your return home.

4 – Transparent rates 

No hidden costs, you know what to expect.
After establishing a diagnosis, you will receive a clear estimate detailing each proposed treatment, its cost and duration.

5 – The “Vision 2023” plan

Turkey has embarked on an ambitious plan called Vision 2023 with the aim of achieving, for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, improvements in several areas including health:

  • 210 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants 
  • JCI quality clinics
  • quality medical training
  • a growing medical tourism

It is clear that the outcome of this plan will be positive, for the greater good of Turkish and international medical patients 🙂

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