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Is the ALLURION balloon in Istanbul possible?

At TMT, we have progressively withdrawn the balloon from our anti-obesity solutions offered in Istanbul over the last few years, as the results were mixed.

Indeed, placing a gastric balloon abroad is certainly less expensive than doing it in France, but the frequency of appointments with the gastroenterologist to tighten the balloon strap around the stomach has led us to refer our patients to a practitioner in France or to other treatment solutions.

Moreover, in the absence of a strict dietary follow-up, the patient systematically regains the lost weight.

The ALLURION balloon, formerly known as ELIPSE, offers the placement of a gastric balloon without surgery, anesthesia or endoscopy.

It is presented in the form of a capsule to be swallowed which will then unfold in the stomach and disappear 4 months later.
The results show an average reduction of about 10Kg.

However, there is not yet enough experience to estimate the weight loss over time.

Nevertheless, this remains a good solution when one does not wish to resort to surgery.

Installing an ALLURION balloon in Istanbul is now feasible; talk to your consultant 🙂

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