TURKEY MEDICAL TOURISM is a medical tourism agency operating legally under the authorization of JAZICOWORD, a travel agency registered under the number 9276. 

We have at heart to deliver a service that meets your expectations. 

Thus, our quality processes apply to all stages of your stay. 

Going abroad for cosmetic, bariatric, dental or other surgery can be stressful. Rely on a specialist who knows the sector perfectly. 

Medical tourism in Istanbul has grown strongly in recent years (clinics, surgeons, agencies), with its share of good and bad actors as everywhere. 

The key is to select the right partners, especially those who are committed to following up their patients after their return home and to dialogue in case of conflict. 

After months of research and testing, we can say that our partners are in the short list of the best surgeons in Istanbul in 2022. 

Les cliniques dans lesquelles ils opèrent sont audités tous les 6 mois pour nous assurer du maintien d’une qualité optimale. 

The surgeon during the pre-operative appointment discusses your expectations (already outlined with your consultant) and the expected results. 

While knowing that a surgeon, in Paris or in Istanbul, has an obligation of means and not of results, the surgeon commits himself to discuss with you if you were not satisfied with the result. 

A recovery by the latter can be considered and paid for (excluding flight, hotel and transfer). 

A second medical examination is required in case of conflict. 

TMT will be at your side throughout your stay and for 12 months after your return, to accompany you, guide you and advise you in your best interests.