TMT ... Who are we?

TURKEY MEDICAL TOURISM or TMT is a medical tourism agency of JAZICOWORD group, founded since 2013 in ISTANBUL. 

Thanks to its expertise in the organization of tailor-made stays in Istanbul and surroundings for customers coming from Europe, the MENA region, sub-Saharan Africa and more generally from all over the world, JAZICOWORD has surrounded itself with the best health actors in Istanbul to offer you the top of the medical tourism in 2022. 

What are our health themes? 

– Aesthetic Surgery 

From breast augmentation to liposuction, including Rhinoplasty or buttock lipofilling, the art of aesthetics has no secrets for our star surgeon, Dr. TEZCAN. 

– Obesity surgery 

To put an end to obesity is the credo of Dr. DOGAN, a leading bariatric surgeon in Turkey. Sleeve, Bypass or Allurion balloon or even gastric botox, let the best advise you. 

– Hair surgery 

Months of research to choose the best structure and above all a real hair surgeon in the person of Dr. GENC, a pro to find a beautiful density. 

– Dental Surgery 

At a time when cosmetic dentistry is on the rise, DENT HEALTH will give you back your smile without filing your teeth, a pearl! 


We have audited and selected our surgeons and partner clinics according to a strict quality charter including the following elements : 

– more than 10 years of expertise in the health field 

– a human-sized clinic respecting all international quality standards 

– a personalized study of each case 

– the possibility of a free video consultation 

– no subcontracting of surgical treatments 

– a protocol in case of a possible conflict (see our guarantees) 

So contact us for a free personalized study of your medical needs abroad, the first step to the success of your projects!