Why choose ISTANBUL for medical tourism?

Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey is the country’s showcase to the world. 

9 million tourists walked the beautiful streets and other monuments of Istanbul in 2021. 

With the opening in 2018 of its new airport, the largest in the world, Istanbul is today a real logistics hub, the epicenter between Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

3H from French cities with companies such as TURKISH AIRLINES or PEGASUS with ultra competitive rates. 

What about the medical sector of the megalopolis: 

1 – Exponential growth in quality 

Driven by the authorities and supported by international investors, the hospital sector has grown exponentially over the past 15 years. 

Known as the world’s market place for hair transplants abroad, Istanbul is much more today. 

Their staff has been in continuous training for the last 15 years with international university exchanges of quality, guaranteeing top medical teams.  

There are dozens of private clinics and university hospitals, competing in their architectural design, their equipment, their medical offer and their know-how in receiving international patients. 

clinique istanbul

2 – Competitive rates  

Like any competitive market, the rates for surgical operations in Istanbul are ultra competitive. 

Take the example of hair transplants, we have mastered the subject to such an extent that we can offer prices of less than 1400 euros excluding flights, compared to an average price of 4000 euros in France. 

2nd example, dental care. When my dentist in France offers me a foreign brand dental implant at 1500 euros, telling me it’s a great deal, we offer German or South Korean brands at less than 500 euros per implant (implant + looter). 

Obesity and cosmetic surgeries are not left out with discounts of up to 60% less than in France or Belgium. 

3 – A pleasant environment 

In April 2022, our Quality team goes to Istanbul to audit our partners as every 6 months. 

We stay in the Besiktas district, real heart of Istanbul. The people are nice, the folklore is present and the beer is good and not expensive. What more can you ask for? Ahh the monuments, the night crossings on the Bosphorus, the visits to the spice market or the gastronomic tours… all your senses will be awake. So why not come a few days before your treatment to fully enjoy it because yes JAZICOWORD, the group behind TMT was founded in 2003 as a tailor-made travel agency and still today offers its innovation in tourism to hundreds of visitors every month 🙂