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Why is Istanbul the health destination for Africans?

Smiling African American hotel concierge helping guests during check in

Istanbul has undeniable advantages that Africans (especially from ECOWAS countries) have understood.

As far as their health is concerned, they prefer Istanbul for the quality of its clinics and hospitals (medical equipment, specialization of doctors and surgeons, remote monitoring, etc.).

Thus, Turkey has made them a golden bridge and has multiplied the agreements with these countries to propose a clear, transparent and competitive offer.

Turkey was known as a market place for hair transplants but has now become a real medical hub.

It all starts with the entrance of visitors through the largest airport in the world, the new Istanbul airport: luxury stores, gourmet restaurants, incredible duty free, … one could easily spend the day there!

At Turkey Medical Tourism, your coordinator speaks 4 languages: French, English, Arabic and Turkish.

He or she is there to make your life easier. With our VIP concierge, all your desires are satisfied: shopping, beauty treatments, visits and much more.

It is thus by the quality of service and accompaniment that Turkey distinguishes itself with our African friends.

For any request, contact us by mail or whatsapp !

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